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We proudly install Phifer brand screens. Phifer screening products are preferred by major window and door manufacturers because of their superior design and precision weaving methods.



Screen enclosures | Lake Charles, LA | East Aluminum | 337-433-3118

Phifer logo and worldwide known brand names:

Brite-Kote, Phiferglass, PetScreen, SunTex, SunScreen

Benefits to our Phifer products.

Phifer screening products are preferred by major window and door manufacturers and by consumers who purchase screening for home repairs and do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

Phifer screening is available in convenient sizes and widths for most standard door and window openings and in packages for all applications. Phifer screening is easy to install and requires a minimum of maintenance.

Phifer's best selling premium products.

Phifer also manufactures PetScreen heavy-duty, pet resistant insect screening. PetScreen is seven times stronger than regular insect screening, therefore it is the ideal screening fabric for people with dogs or cats and high traffic areas. For tighter mesh to stop small insects Phifer manufactures a charcoal fiberglass 20x20 mesh insect screen called "No-See-Ums".

Phifer's sun control products have been proven effective on millions of commercial and residential applications worldwide. Phifer SunScreen, SunTex 80 & 90, Super Solar Screening, and Solar-Insect Screening are designed for use in exterior shading applications. When used on the exterior of windows, glass doors, sun spaces and other glass areas, they can stop a large amount of the sun's heat and glare before it strikes the window or enters the room.

Phifer SheerWeave Style 1000, Style 2000/2100, Style 2390/2360/2410, Style 3000, Style 4000/4100/4400, Style 4800 and Style 5000 are expressly designed for use in interior applications. Their beautiful decorator colors are preferred by architects and interior designers and adapt easily to most common window treatments. The newest products in the SheerWeave line, Styles 4500/4600, 4550/4650, and the BLACK-OUT Fabrics Styles 7000/7100.

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